Week #2: [ 6834 / 6816 ]


Target reference number: [ 6834 / 6816 ]

Remember – you do NOT have to run the rvX subliminal to participate. You can use the rvX guided audio session included with Alchemist Core and Remote Viewing X + Astral Projection X.

Have fun!


So i just did it and here’s what I got. It was like a lake surrounded by brown dirt or gravel in a forest. It felt mild with a slight breeze. The sky was clear and the forest was green and it was a decent sized lake a few miles wide. I saw an eagle catch a fish and the sun was shining. It’s rather deep.


Again, sorry for this horrible handwriting.
Oh and in the end I saw a little child, I think it was a blond boy looking into the room.
I saw the same scene again from the other side of the room and I saw there is a table behind the shelf.

Here are the questions and my answers?
Is it…

  1. tall? No
    short? Yes (It was actually more like medium)
    wide? No
    round? Yes (Meaning it wasnt a ball or something)
    steep? (One of the words I didnt know) No
    shallow? No
    angular? No
    circular? Yes
    big? No
    small? No
    dense? Yes (I thought the target is an object, not me)
    high? No
  2. low? Yes
    peaking? No
    curving? No
    open? No
    enclosed? Yes
    tubular (Another word I never heard before, but I wrote No anyway, but now I would of course say Yes) No
    narrow? No
    heavy? /
    light? /
    thick? /
    thin? /
    inside? Yes
    outside? No
    closed-in? /
    vast? No
  3. expansive? No
    boxey? No
    curvy? No
    rectangular? No
    moving? No
    still? Yes
    symmetrical? Yes
    amorphous (Wasnt sure about the meaning) No
    wavey? No
    wavering? No
    perpendicular? (Never heard that word before lol) No
    diagonals? Yes
    parallel? No
  4. moving? No
    still? Yes

Thanks to @DarkPhilosopher for providing with me this list!


Well, Saint asked me to, so I present my minimalistic work of art. :slight_smile:


Ok so, I’ve been emailing @SaintSovereign asking to get feedback from my rvx sessions and he asked me to post the latest one here. Here it goes:


Here’s the target:

Now, according to @RVconsultant, the viewer is actually looking at the physical location, not the picture that I printed out (the picture and target reference number serves as a goal post). That being said, for more context, I’m including the structure at night, and the interior:

I will meet with @RVconsultant later for his analysis and to choose a winner, but I will note that @DarkEmpress’s session is particularly accurate. Seems she definitely got the gestalts, as well as described it quite perfectly. Remember, when doing remote viewing, the written description is just as important as the drawings.

Kudos to @DarkPhilosopher also, who picked up on the gestalts. I believe @ExploringAstronaut did also. Notice that all three sessions revolve around the concept of something circular, and multiples of that object.

Closing this thread, but Week #2 discussion will remain open.

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Whoops, forgot to post this anonymous submission: