Week #1 Conversation


For general chatter, use this thread. Thanks!


It’s really quiet in this corner of the forum. Everybody done their session yet?


Not yet. About to do it on the weekend, got some stuff to finish first.
How about you?


Going to early tommorow


156 views, best sales yet thanks to Alchemist Supreme and yet the response comes from two testers. :slight_smile:

I have been meaning to do a session every day. Finally got around to it today. As usual, I’m too embarrassed my results have absolutely nothing to do with the picture to post it. So I need you guys to bolster my confidence by posting yours first. :wink:

One needs to be a stenographer to write down the affirmation at the start. That goes by waaaay too fast.


You can always rewind it. :wink:
The goal is to learn the statement by heart. That’s how it becomes second nature. Honestly, we might’ve started the challenge too soon – based on what we’re seeing, most people haven’t even started to use rvX yet, as they’re testing Alchemist.

Remember, you can use the rvX guided audio session without using the rvX subliminal.


You could have the listener repeat the affirmation mentally on every playthrough rather than writing it down. I think I’ll do that with this one, visualizing the words and reading them out to myself. Or I’ll write it down and read it a couple of times before the session.

If you wait for people to finish with Alchemist, it’ll be a while. You could have made the first few weeks for the testers only, since rvX is required listening for them. I did a hypnosis session with the rvX ultra in the background, followed by the rvX masked, after which I was sufficiently mellowed out and started my session (recognized the As Above track in there).

Still, pretty much nothing was clear and I had lots of placed where nothing came through even as the ink rubbed off on my fingers. Until I suddenly got a super-clear picture that I believed could never be it because it was too clear and must be my subconscious trying to put things in a box. I honestly don’t know what to think…


No, writing things down supercharges the alchemical process. There’s a reason why almost every esoteric discipline (including subliminal use) urges the use of a journal to write down your workings, results and thoughts. One of the reasons I get good results from subs is the fact that I maintain an offline written journal and an online journal.

It’s $currentyear, where you don’t have to rewind a tape or scrub through a CD. Click back to the start of the affirmation, which is said twice, learn it and write it down. It was done that way for a reason.

You don’t have to listen to rvX to compete — you can just use the 30 minute guided session and get good results. I sent @RVconsultant a number of sessions my colleagues did and he was astonished at the information that cane through. I’ll be posting those sessions manually, though they won’t be eligible for this week’s prize.

About journaling

I know, but you need to give 'm a reason to keep testing, right?

So, guys, where are all your results?


Only in $currentyear…


Actually, the frame was part of what I saw, but you’re right, it makes it a little bit less horrible.
About those curly things… I think the artist presumably wanted to represent the natural element of trees here… (Im just as lazy as hell to draw 100 trees individually.)

Btw. I used the guided audio, but only for about 13 minutes and after the first couple of minutes I stopped following the instructions. I dont know, maybe it is just me but I felt too rushed and confused later one where to write what etc. It was like… There is data coming in about the target and there is another voice telling me at the same time how to organize my notes. Was a bit distracting.


My friend, you are awesome that you actually came here to answer me while I broke the rules and posted in the other thread. If I had a hat on, I would take it off.

I figured it would either be solid ground or water. That’s why I asked.


Haha no problem. I wasnt even so sure if it was okay to write the description there, but I dont think it’s such a big deal.
Yes, no problem either. Im not taking my drawings too seriously either so.Sorry if it sounded arrogant, that wasnt my intention :smiley:
It was pretty much a jungle so to say. Very tropical, I got the feeling this mountain is even some sort of volcano. It felt like a scene in a movie. What baffles me about this is that when I get into it, it has such a high degree of details, it’s amazing.
How about you?


Arrogant? Did not get that at all.

I got some of it similar to you, but I’m not yet confident enough that it’s not completely wrong.


Ah ok, alright. Just thought I better clear that right away.
I think that’s the point of it after all. It is getting better. For me it is… hard to explain.
When I do it, it feels somehow natural (Although I have only been doing this 2 times now) and I think this is because I really like to visualise things and travel inside these scapes. I mean… we never know for sure if what we are doing isnt completely wrong. Remember the bridge-of-hands thing were I drew this pawn-like-thing? You know what I drew and described before?
An apocalyptic, poisoned ocean before the time humans walked around on earth.
If that’s not completely wrong… :smiley:


Just my performance anxiety. :slight_smile:

If I were doing it just for myself, I wouldn’t care about being wrong, but like any leader I am always right at the time, even if I turn out to be wrong later.


Guys, please finish the entire audio session if you’re going to use it — otherwise, you’re missing out on an integral part of the program.

Drawings on the left, descriptions on the right. It’s stated at the very beginning of the session. I don’t know how much more simplistic we can get than that. The guided script is literally just reiterating that same point, nothing changes. Looking at your submission, it looks like you ignored that and tried to freehand it.

These are not suggestions — it’s necessary for the process to work because it helps keep your thoughts organized. When you get words, or descriptions, you put it on the right side. Images? Left side. That’s why it feels “confusing” — your mind was being flooded with images and perceptions, and you didn’t know how to deal with them because you didn’t follow the structure.

So please, everyone — follow the instructions.


I actually organized it the same way the instruction-papers were organized so I thought it didnt matter.
Will take better care next time.


At the risk of pissing Saint off and losing what good grace I have earned by being a smart-arse (for which I apologize)…

Second page, clean sheet, no dividing line, near the end of the track. I remembered it since I did indeed listen to the entire track. In fact, I remembered this, but not the affirmation, which Sir CurrentYear did rub my nose in above, in a not so gentle fashion. :wink:

Although Astronaut has already admitted that he didn’t have that first page, he could - in theory - simply have neglected to post said page one.

I myself got so little that I ended up drawing my page 2 picture on the left side of the dividing line of page 1, not wanting to waste perfectly good paper. Nothing as detailed as Astronaut, mostly just geometric shapes. But I am one of those people that draws a stick figure and has to annotate it to make any sense.


@SaintSovereign Uhh I just want to note if it is the descriptions (smell, taste, dimensions etc) you want, I can post that too. I just thought it is not as important as the picture.


Which instruction-papers are those? Are you referring to the written instructions you received before? If so, considering those are outdated and the rvX Challenge specifically mentions…

…you should indeed use only the audio track for the time being.

Even so, your mountain is a lot better than my asymmetrical triangle. :slight_smile:

And so I stand semi-corrected. Please, do post those as well. Like any good math test you must have done in your many high school dreams, half the score is based on how you got to the answer, instead of just the answer itself. :wink: