Week #1: [2087 / 9099]


Target reference number: [2087 / 9099]

Getting started a day early! That being said, good luck! Post ONLY your session pictures in this thread. For general chatter, use the “Week 1 Conversation” thread.


A very beautiful nature-scene after all.

Just imagine my doodle being nice and beautiful-


First impression: Mountain, forest, green, vulcano

Textures: rocky

Colors: grey, green, blue, white, (later brown for the frame)

Sounds: forest, birds, wind

Smells: Fresh, nature

Temperatures: hot, tropical, sunny

Dimension: Far, free

Motion: Still, lively


Awww, you even put a frame around it. What’s all the curly things on the surface?


Well, @ExploringAstronaut wins by default. Congrats – you’ll be receiving your $15 via PayPal shortly. Unfortunately, if we don’t receive more participation next week, we’ll call off the contest for now. While we sold a ton of copies of Alchemist Supreme, most people haven’t even started in on rvX or apX yet. Please note that you DON’T have to run the rvX subliminal to participate. You can use the rvX guided audio session.

The target is:

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