The Alchemical Stark


Edit: On March 30 I started using StarkQ, with Alchemist ST4 and Aegis Initiative.

So yesterday I decided to stack Aegis Initiative with Alchemist ST4.
Aegis x1
Alchemist ST4 x3

Immediately felt the need to start doing some Pranayama, yesterday was a good practice, but today it was superb!

I was planning on doing EmperorQ by itself, but corona changed my plans, we are on the verge of total lockdown, so I prefer a stack that helps me be healthy, emotionally and energetically balanced.

My plan is to keep this stack playing during this tough times.

Ive noticed that Alchemist is giving me a feeling of “being back at home” like a warm embrace.


I’m stacking with Alchemist too, but ST1 and ST2.


Thats great! Im using ST4 cause it integrates all previous stages, healing included and Ive already run all 4 stages for 30 days each, some months ago.



Which stage affected you the most?


They all affected me heavily, in such different ways, I dont know if I can really answer your question.

I fondly remember ST1 because it was the beginning of the trip. Im sure that if I read my journal I might find that it was a rough ride though. With lots of ups and downs.


Day 2

Meditation, Wim Hof Breathing, NLP and Hypnosis are a great combination in this though times. Not only to keep calm but to resolve past issues that got triggered by the crisis.
Healthy eating and isolation are good measures too.
I really like this stack, it makes me peaceful and caring.
I started eating healthier and in less amounts, specially at nights.


Listening to Aegis definitely gives me a buzzing sensation in my brain. :thinking:


Wow, you just reminded me about Wim Hof! It would be great to learn right now.


Hey @SubliminalUser You can start with this video


Ive been having shortness of breath and anxiety for over a week and this stack is making it very obvious and pushing me to deal with it.
I have no other symptoms and the only real place I was at risk of infection was in a couple of airplanes I took 15 days ago, so I guess Im stressed and scared.
I will take care of it right now.


Day 3,

The stack is working wonderfully, Im feeling good and optimistic, full of energy. The only thing is that is giving me a desire to go out and enjoy nature.


Day 4,

Beginning tonight the quarantine is no longer optional but mandatory, for 7 days and the possibility of 7 more.
I have plenty of food and some reserves of water just in case.
Im not working at all but I have some savings so Im covered.
Until 2 days ago I had the same and I was anxious and afraid. I feel Aegis and Alchemist have done a great work, I feel calm and optimistic, I dont know for sure but I have a feeling that It doesnt matter what happens Im gonna go through it and thrive.


Day 5,

•My breathing went back to normal or even better, no more chest pressure, no more shortness of breath.
•No more anxiety, even though I recieved bad news workwise (nothing to worry about). Well it surely would have worried me before.
•Im not longer snoring, my girlfriend told me I was snoring heavily for the past week, and now Ive stopped. Im sleeping deeper and better.
•The weird symbolic alchemist dreams are back!!
•Sexual Energy and Sex Drive are on full power since yesterday, to me Alchemist gives me way more Sexual Energy than Sex Mastery x2, and with a wider field


Day 6,

Alchemist is definitely the sub of Self Love, the more I listen to it the more I dont understand why I changed it for Emperor V4 a while back, maybe I wanted that new car smell. Well I guess I needed to do that to understand that Alchemist is the one that suits me better.

•It gives me a sense of well being.
•Makes meditation way more powerful.
•I walk around in a deep altered state that feels good.
•I feel like Im detoxing from illusions and getting more connected with my Inner Self.

Im up for this new stage of the journey.


Day 7,

Making the most out of these days of quarantine, using the Tarot and doing Magickal Practices.
Alchemist fine tunes my intuition.
Know ThySelf


Just started my updated stack.

StarkQ x3
Alchemist st4 x2
AI Covid x1

Lets see how it works for me, covid is gonna get dropped when the quarantine is over.


Day 8 Alchemist, Day 1 StarkQ

Last night I did 2 loops of Stark before going to bed, and this is what I could percieve.

•Intense relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing.
•Smiling in happyness
•Had 3 dreams, the first about being trained by one of the best hypnotists in the world, but the dream was back when I was a boy in school (around 10 years old) the second about fame and business going unbelievably good, beyond all expectations, and the third in wich I faced fears about not having money, not even to catch the bus back home.

Now Im listening to StarkQ


When I was in EmperorV4 I got pretty decent results, but the overall aura/vibe it gave me, I didnt like that much. I went back to Alchemist a week ago and immediately the change in energy was palpable and it feels like me, it resonantes with who I am. Then last night I added Stark Q and what Ive noticed till this moment is that the aura from Alchemist gets more intense, more dominant and more playful… Im really loving it.


Day 9 Alchemist, Day 2 StarkQ. From now on Im just counting the days of the new stack.

Day 2.

Been feeling restless and a little anxious, Im looking at my phone constantly and I cant really decide what to do.


Make a plan, start working on a project. That restlessness is the result of StarkQ’s programming urging you to start doing something.

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