[SOLO] Unleashing The EmperorQ


Hi guys!

I am grateful for the ability to test the new EmperorQ and am starting this journal in order to track my results with it.

Previously I’ve run Emperor v4 for about a month, but now I will run EmperorQ by itself for minimum of 6 hours per day.

Here’s more about me - where I currently am in my life and what my goals are…

Current situation:

I am a 23-year old copywriter and marketing VP in a legit marketing agency in Europe. In the past 2 years I’ve learned a lot, improved my skills and now I feel a bit trapped in my job. Because of my proficiency I am now more of a manager of copywriters rather than writing myself. Also since I am not the owner my pay has a limit.

I do believe i have the skills to make it as a freelance copywriter, but currently that’s only an itch. I have gotten into a coaching program for it and am slowly inching towards starting a side hustle, yet I feel something is holding me back from really dominating it. Usually after work and gym I am just too tired to work on my freelancing career. And so it goes.

Otherwise - I am in 2.5-year relationship with my sweet girlfriend. Everything’s ok, yet I also feel a bit trapped here as me and her seem to have different long-term goals (mainly: I don’t want kids till I am 30, while she wants them in the next 2-3 years). Also, she’s a from a humble family and isn’t really into big goals and dreams. Currently it’s working out, because I simply don’t have time to chase girls and it provides me comfort and stability. Who know… maybe that’s limiting me or not.

Couple more things… I am an ex basketball player, physically active, in good shape, counting calories (training to lean down to 10% body fat with the help of a personal trainer), have big goals, listening to audibooks, reading self development books, driven, yet sometimes I feel like something is blocking me.

As for my goals…

Despite making okay money I still live with my parents (and work from home 5 days of the week - 2 days in the office). I want to move to the country’s capital (where the office is) but the rents are through the roof. I need at least a 1000 € per month more in order to comfortably move out. That’s one of my goals for 2020.

I also have set financial goals for annual income and side hustle income. And you already know about getting to 10% body fat.

Ultimately, I want to get to $10K/month doing copywriting and marketing consulting and then scale above that. I don’t make 10-year plans as things change and I don’t like being bound to a goal I no longer feel is for me.


That’s about it.

Let’s start testing Emperor Q.


Day 1:

Listening time - 7 hours

Today I felt weirdly energetic - something that is not usual for me. I felt the drive to be productive, I could brush off distractions, easily got back to work after lunch (which can get difficult if you work from home). Also - the changes in my plans didn’t phase me as much.

I don’t know if that’s because of the subliminal or because I recently was in Vegas at 10X Growth Conference by Grant Cardone and I feel pumped. Probably it’s both.

I am interested to see if the trend continues.

In the later part of the day some news at work through me off, yet I still managed to do what I wanted. But I did feel a bit agitated. As in not feeling patient towards people that didn’t really get what i was saying or seem to undermine my ambitions.

Let’s see what the future brings : )


Welcome @renet1 and I look forward to reading your future posts in this journal :slight_smile:


Ehy, @renet1! Glad to have you aboard :slight_smile:


I’m also working in a marketing department. Since we share some similarities, it’ll be interesting to hear your results in your work using EmperorQ :slight_smile:


Day 2 - 6 hours

Day 3 - 7 hours

Alright - 3 days in the books. Let’s elaborate…

DAY 2: The energy boost from day 1 wasn’t there in day 2. Mainly because I had to confront the head of our marketing agency with some not-easy-to-hear ideas for him. Me (the #2) and the #3 in the agency realized a couple of flaws with the direction of the company in general and I decided to be the spokes person to point them out. Also I went to the boss about my pay - my pay is variable (includes a part of the profits) and this month was much lower than expected.

Long story short… I did find myself uncharacteristically assertive. I am naturally a nice guy, not really fond of confrontation. This time I had no problem putting it out there what I had in mind. I felt quite powerful and assured --> new feeling in this unnerving situations. Don’t know if that’s from emperorQ (from now on eQ) or just natural growth.

I did need to monitor myself as my assertivness did sometimes almost spill into aggression (not physically, but verbally). New feeling as well.

Because I didn’t get everything my way (mainly the salary stayed the same for the month) I felt down in the afternoon. I breezed through the workout and couldn’t hit personal records on none of my lifts (listening to eQ all the time working out). But the something started shifting… I kinda said to myself to stop complaining and if I am really bothered i should use this as fuel to get back to working on my freelancing career on the side --> and that’s what I planned in the evening and did something about in the morning.

DAY 3: I have trouble getting up - I feel dead in the morning even after 7 - 8 hours of sleep. When I finally get myself a cup of coffee and nice 30 minutes of reading in I started feeling like myself again. Did 2 hours of working on my freelancing career then transitioned into my regular work. While the physical energy still wasn’t really there, I was more focused and LESS PRONE TO PROCRASTINATION. I think the latter is one of the main benefits that stayed consistent during the past 3 days and what I’ve been usually struggling a lot : )

I also did some calibrating thinking about my job and found new joy. I had a revelation that the #1 thing I can do for the company (and potentially to raise my salary in it) is to train my team to become better, get new people and train them too. With the team becoming better, making more profits, my salary goes up without being linked to my hours worked.

I felt productive during the whole day and in the second part of the day was like I’ve gotten a second wind. It’s about 8.30pm and I feel great.

Certainly the energy, more focus, less procrastination and assertiveness capabilities are new to me - and I feel like man - this could be the EmperorQ coming to the rescue.

Can’t wait to see that the future brings!


P.S. 6 hours of day 2 and the first 1.5h of day 3 were with the original EmperorQ version (with some spliced words). The rest of the third day (5.5 hours) were with the new hotfix version.


This is awesome!


Update --> I actually got about 30% more money than I was going to because I stood up for myself : )


Wow that’s amazing! It is not only the fact that you get a 30% raise but that you got it because you went out of your comfort zone. Taking action is fun, isn’t it? ; )

It can be so simple… and you are a perfect example for that. Keep up the good work @renet1



Did you feel it was difficult to sleep that night because of all the excess energy?


Dude - exactly that.

I tend to get my 6-7 hours in between 9am and 6pm. Then not listen in the evening.

It seems like I get a second wind in the afternoon, and yes it seems much harder to fall asleep. I get excited for no reason haha


Week 1 Report:

7th days of listening. Up to this point every day was consistently between 6 and 7.5 hours of listening time.

Today I am 3 hours in as I am writing this - I will get 5 hours in for sure.

So what has been happening?

As @AMASH suggested - I actually do have trouble falling asleep. EQ seems to be awakening new energy inside of me as I get excited super fast. for example: Reading a good self-help book and after reading a certain sentence I get on fire.

I have noticed something else. I have never been used to this ind of energy and a lot of times I don’t know how to channel it into something productive. Based on the levels I have I should be much more productive, yet at times… well it’s like the energy is there, but I don’t know what to do with it. I am looking forward to starting channeling it more.

Assertiveness is also there consistently - and for some reason since listening to Emperor (v4 and now Q) I kind of feel more solid inside. As it’s easier for me to believe in something or to have convictions. A sense of certainty that I was usually lacking before. It’s like an anchor and I really like this feeling.

I do have trouble getting up in the morning. And I wonder if that’s because of all the energy of EQ doesn’t let me get enough deep sleep. My energy usually kicks in 2-3 hours after i get up.

Overall the feeling is great. Here and there I feel tense in my head - not a headache, but tenseness. Like the EQ is trying to cram too much into my brain - it’s where I take a break for a an hour or so and then continue. But nothing serious really - just wanted to throw it out there.

So - all in all - very satisfied with Week #1 and I cannot wait what the next one brings : )


Day 8-10:

Combined listening time 9 hours.

So… I work from home 5 days of the week, and in agency office 2 days per week. When I am in office I am basically in meetings all day, therefor on those days I simply cannot get in the 6 hours of listening time. The only way would be to listen after 8pm and during the night, but because of the energy boosting abilities of EmperorQ I decided it’s not wise. Still 5/7 days with 6-7 hours seems good enough : )

I am really glad to say assertiveness is still here and is becoming my every day trait - awesome.

I did however notice that I am still at times seeking approval and validation. For example: Yesterday we got a new worker in our agency and during morning meeting I tried to for whatever reason to act “more cool than usual” as I felt I need to amke him like me. I know it’s not to expect EQ will banish this from my mind&body in 10 days, but it’s one thing i hope to overcome.

About reconciliation…

I’m still not sure if I have the right definition, but I see it as a dissonance, unease inside the body&mind that sometimes you can or cannot explain. Yesterday night I was alone watching a TV show (my GF was with her parents). For context: Yesterday I went jogging at 5.50am, then ate breakfast, drank coffee and went to work and coming back at 8pm. So long day o fwork. Still I felt unease during watching the tv show and right after. I’s like I couldn’t relax. Like I should have been doing something more productive with my time. Strange feeling that never happened to me after a long day of work. I guess EQ is trying to push me to new heights regarding work etchics. And I have to start answering the call : )

Regarding dreams…

Since starting EQ I don’T find myself dreaming more or remembering my dreams more. Aside from having trouble falling asleep, my nights are pretty much the same. I don’t know if it’s supposed to affect dreams, (I think I read it in some other people’s journals) but hasn’t happened with main - and I’m okay with that.

That’s it for now. Gotta get another dose of EQ now : )


Current listening routine: 5x/week of 6-7 hours. 2x/week of about 1-2 hours (because of being in meeting all day).

One major thing to point out first… Besides new levels of energy, I’m starting to notice something unusual… in a good sense. I can think much clearer about what decisions need to be make in order to move me closer towards my long-term vision. What’s funny is that I don’t feel as emotionally invested in decisions. I can rationally and objectively assess what relationships in my life are good and those that aren’t. It happens without neccesarily judging other people - simply realizing they are on a different life trajectory, that’s it. At time this is almost scary, as i was was used to getting emotional when confronting big decisions - and now the stirring up simply doesn’t happen as much. We’ll see where that takes me.

Second thing is energy and motivation. I was writing about having “too much energy” and not knowing how to focus it. I think the focusing is easier and easier. Just as EQ is first boosting energy then helping you direct it towards empowering things. I am reading more, studying courses more, working more and overall feel more “man on a mission” feelings than I’ve been in the past year.

Feels awesome and I have no intention of stopping.

I want to thank @SaintSovereign again to let me be a part of this testing group. It’s life changing and it’s not even 2 weeks!! Thank you1


EmperorQ won’t “banish” this for you at all — it’s up to you to do this. However, what it DID help you do is recognize the behavior and now you can take conscious action to prevent it from happening again.


Hey ho!

Time for another journal entry. Deliberately spreading entries 3-5 days apart definitely gives me a better perspective on my results. Last 5 days have been 4 - 7 hours per day constantly. Typicall between 9.00. and 18.00 (with breaks in between).

I don’t remember when I had so much motivation and hunger and energy. Wow. Amazing. I am more productive. I finally started one new project on my side hustle that will raise my monthly income for about 20% at least. I am again reading books, listening to audiobooks and constantly improving.

There are 2 habits I want to instil into my day also: daily journaling and daily meditation. Because of currently working much more - I am in no rush, but what I’ve seen from EQ I will do it soon - the motivation is there.

I want to shed light onto one AMAZING effect that EQ had. My fear with subliminals and other state altering/mind altering resources is that I am dependent on them. That I simply must do it all the time or my results will go away. Now - I don’t know if something is different in the EQ programming or script, but I noticed something I have never noticed with subliminals (or other similar things)…

EQ helps a lot, but I never feel dependent on it. I don’t need to remind myself to get in 6 hours, I just somehow get it in. Not because I have to, but because I am somehow drawn to it - it doesn’t feel needy (I need this to feel good and be productive), but feels like a healthy attraction to something that is awesome for me.

Even further… When there comes a day when I simply cannot get more than 1-2 hours of listening in - I don’t notice a drop off in energy & motivation. I also don’t feel anxious that my reuslts will go away and that i neeeeeeed the subliminals. One might thing that might make me gradually quit using them, but here’s when the aformentioned healthy attraction kicks in and I return to EQ the next day.

So far it’s phenomenal + it feels sustainable which is amazing : )


Thanks for the clarification. I find myself catching myself much more and by taking responsibility find myself doing stuff towards the desired result.

Would love your view on my last journal entry - on the second part where I talk about not needing the EQ, but being drawn to it, and results being much more consistent.

Is that deliberate or just something I experience?

Either way - it’s freaking awesome.


Another week, another dollar. Not sure if that’s the saying, but I do feel these last few weeks I felt like a million bucks. Sure there were ups and downs, but overall I’m moving my life into a new direction faster than at any point in time during the last 3 years.

As I live in Slovenia and basically the whole country is on lockdown, I’m spending increasingly big amounts at home (yep - even working out). That’s no biggie as I can work remotely. However it does give me a a lot more time. Normally I was tempted to spend it on Netflix or just browsing the web, yet since starting EQ I have this unexplained drive to do mostly the things that bring me closer to my goals.

One interesting instance is masturbation (and I feel weird talking about it, but SC is really a tight and trusting community so here it goes). In the past, being left with a bunch of time got me looking at porn. It started out as a quick masturbation session but then I started wasting time by choosing the perfect video, etc. Before i know it 2 hours flew by and I lost the chance to read a quality book, go over a course or two I’ve been wanting to for a while or work on my side business. Lately I just don’t feel the urge to do this as often and I rather choose something more productive (and even if I do cave in I don’T spend 2 hours on it).

Second thing that is happening is me being much more aware of the choices I’m making, the responsibility for them I feel and what the right thing for me is. This shed light on a couple of relationships in my life that are not serving me anymore and are not win-win anymore. Also it showed me where in my day I am wasting time and where I should focus more. I see things more clearly now, however, I’m not acting as much on it --> it feels really uncomfortable seeing the truth so clearly that I often get scared to do the right thing and cut people off. I know the subliminal will not GET me to do it, it’s on me to act on it.

Overall --> the trajectory of my life is getting better and better. It’s now on me to take action and do the things my subconscious is tellling me are right.