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Hmm,if you dont think your getting results/stonewalling. theres only option of increasing or decreasing.if your not getting results from 1 loop 5 days on 2 days off,try 3 days on instead.if less doesnt work,then can try the increase method but that ones more painful.or alternate between light/heavy days,alternate between 2 and 1 loop? Just to clarify,your only using custom and not rm as well? When i ran rm,think it was too powerful or didnt gel with me.when i was running it,all my other customs stopped working till i dropped it after 2 weeks.

I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer cause I have my struggles myself. But in case it would help, I’d share my experience.

About the loops, I stick with 3 each, only to satisfy my OCD about listening to my stacks equally.

So far, I’ve faced numerous recon but the rest days or breaks do help with it.

I’ve seen results, now even more so cause I briefly stopped with my previous stack, and the consequence were apparent like my diminished interest to workout.

I also see it this way, that’s why I just proceed.

Perhaps take a break when a recon is too severe, but I continue for the most part. As long as I stick with the guidelines of 3 majors, and I stick with the 3 loops I’m used to, I feel I’m not going overboard.

I haven’t tried one loop each, but if I did, and it works for my stubborn mind, I’d stick with it. So far my OCD won’t let me, but in time perhaps I’d be willing to let go a bit more.

I’m still at a phase where I tiptoe around my routine, otherwise I just know my anxiety will bother me about not getting enough loops and whatnot. Sometimes I struggle with rest days, I feel like I should be listening but I need to stop myself.

This is hard. I’m also faced with this dilemma. On EQ, I never missed a workout, and now a couple of weeks in with StarkQ and I’m feeling lazy to even look at a dumbbell.

Either EQ pushed me more, or I’m having recon.

I decided to go back to what works for me until I graduate with DR. Then I’ll have more leeway to experiment.

You got this bro

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Just to sum it up…

Funnily enough this is how I feel. I’ve only questioned the working response twice. I’m not bored with my sub, I don’t want to switch, don’t feel like I’m getting results. I thought I had recon but maybe it isn’t that.

I’m super confused now. I’ve been reading though all of your responses and it makes sense but I’m still hella confused on what’s happening.

So I either go up in loops or go down?

I feel overwhelmed in general life anyway so I couldn’t put it down to the sub. I feel burnt out physically not mentally because I’m doing a lot of hard ass workouts.

I’ve been doing that but I don’t feel like anything is happening to be honest. I don’t feel like I need more rest days :confused:

May give this a try.

Please tag me

What’s your current stack? How focused is your custom?

Turn it down. I started getting results on Khan only when I cut down the number of loops from 8 to 4 per day. I was stonewalling or I was just overexposed.

Here’s my current routine:

Strategies of dealing with stonewalling, if it is stonewalling:

For recon and stonewalling cutting down is recommended also that’s not the only strategy.

My custom & RM. May use an Ultima once per day but not all the time.

I’ve only mainly been using one loop. 2 loops every now and then but one mostly.

Hmm,were you getting results from the custom before adding rm or you started both same time?just curious cause i think rm is pretty strong.my customs were working fine,then i added just one loop of rm and both my customs stopped working and i started getting recon.it would probably have cleared up if i ran it longer but decided to drop it because my customs are more important and they are working fine again but yeah,need to respect the qv2

When you try 2 loops.you increase both programs to 2 loops at the same time or just one?if you do both,try only increasing one to 2 loops and leave the other at 1.other option is gradually increase.like try 2 loops one day a week,then 2 days the next week etc and see at which point you get recon.preferably alternating when you reach 2-3 days like 2-1-2-1-1 or 2-1-2-1-2.the official advice is to go down for stonewalling though so maybe try alternating programs.i have a friend with 2 customs who got bad results when he ran them on the same day so he had to change it to custom-rm-custom-rm-custom as an example

Lol,wall of text again.let me know if im rambling.i would try 2nd option of alternating programs first.if still doesnt work i would try the slowly increasing one.or drop rm/custom for a week and only run one program and see what happens

You could listen to it every other day and see how it goes.

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Nope. I wasn’t really getting or feeling anything prior to RM either.

I always keep a main program so if I do two loops it’s always my custom x2 as that’s my main and then whatevers attached will be x1 loop.

This is something I want to go back to doing.

This will be my last resort.

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How are things going, B?

Are you getting consistent sufficient sleep? If not, there’s nothing to run or do until you can ensure that.

RM is so strong that I cannot listen to it more than one loop a day and I’m still gauging it and it may occur that I’ll have to cut it down to one loop every other day and as you know I could run 16 loops of the Dragon with ease. So now, please, consider that.


Well…I had an argument with my boyfriend last night, a big one to the point I left the room and slept elsewhere. I’m not eager to talk to him.

I’m getting about 6 hours of sleep. I don’t know why it’s been so bad. Today I’ve had way more though.

I managed to get 9 hours and 17 minutes today.
8 hours on Friday and 9 hours and 44 on Wednesday.

The rest have been around 6 hours.

I don’t listen to RM more than one loop. I think I’m going to run my programs and alternate. I’m not sure I’m going to keep RM in as I want to run R.I.C.H again.

My plan was Monday, Wednesday and Friday to run MorningStarQ and rest to run R.I.C.H as a major program.


I’d encourage you to stick with a plan for 30 days, then re-evaluate.

I also hope you and your boyfriend can mend things soon.

I suggest you could alternate your custom with your stack (RICH + RM) where you would run only one loop of RM… Monday, Wednesday and Friday to run MorningStarQ and rest to run the stack. RM and RICH is a great combo.

So you think

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - MorningStarQ
Tuesday & Thursday - RM & R.I.C.H?

How many loops of V2 R.I.C.H…I was actually going to test 3 loops of the custom.

There’s an issue because I’m being a bit more sexual now too so I want to use Libertine one a day.

Bare in mind I’d be running the above during sleep and Libertine once during the day.

Precisely. Or you could run three days on and one day off.
Day 1 - The Custom + RM
Day 2 - RM + RICH (as a major)
Day 3 - The Custom + RICH (as a booster)

It would be one loop of RM for sure and I’m not sure about RICH. You have to test it by yourself. You should develop your testing method. I didn’t do that for a long time since I just used to run lots of loops and, therefore. I almost gave up on that brilliant sub that is RM.


The thing about Ultima is that in addition to possible reconciliation happening from the script, there is the possible feeling of overwhelm or burnout from the Ultima format itself.