Main Disc. Thread - Emperor ZP v2

Quick update…

This experimental version imo works way better than the original.

I’ve made so many massive changes since implementing this.

I actually feel like an emperor. I’ve been managing to act more in conscious congruence and alignment it’s insane.

This week everything internal blocks have been gone… Like I’m working on eliminating my weaknesses… Been reading more. Cutting out bad habits…

Just a relentless drive is being born within. Idk if you notice it or not lmk


I have been noticing this, I struggle with A.D.D. so having drive has been an issue with me for ever especially since I don’t want to be medicated. While it is a slow process it does feel very natural. I do feel much more productive on this version and this version does help with focus and procrastination

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While I understand not wanting to be medicated since I was very afraid of it, but finding the right medication changed my life. I went from a depressed individual at a dead end job to a happier individual, massive promotion, faster results with subliminals, and way more agency in life. It was the missing ingredient that for years i refused out of fear. Mine particular medication is an anti depressant and not a stimulant like Adderall.

Not saying its the end all, be all, much don’t limit your options.

At the very least seek counciling and try to find providers that specialize in ADHD. That also was a huge game changer. Or research tools that help, our brains are wired differently.

Sorry if this is unwanted advice, as someone who has struggled and been on the otherside, ADHD and mental issues are something I deeply care about.

Your brain literally is not able to produce enough dopamine like a neurotypical brain, it’s okay to get something that does and helps regulate your receptors.


Idk… I’m diagnosed for bipolar and taking meds put me in the deepest depression I’ve had in my life.

Everyone is different.


Fluoxetine also changed my life for the better – took me out of years of severe OCD in a matter of weeks.
Mirtazapine helps me sleep.

Unfortunately, the combination caused grand mal seizures in me four or five times this year – but I’ve finally found a dosage which works fine for me.

Medication used to scare the hell out of me, until I became interested in neuroscience and finally understood how they work and realized they’re nothing to be scared of.

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I, for one, hope you will be releasing a Rebirth and/or Spartan Exp :relaxed:


shit that sounds rough!

Some members words hit me in the head yours always in the heart.


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Lmaoo but yeah man Im anti Meds…

Think about it like this… Every drug is put up against a placebo…

Your mind dictates everything.

Lol they call me bipolar but I’m the most stable and positive dude you’ll ever meet. I never think negative for more than 30 secs

Self awareness and congruence with your conscious is the real solution tbh. Most aren’t ready for that and that’s cool. They keep looking externally and look for a pill to magically fix ya. Except address the problem as to why they have conditioned themselves to seek pleasure instead of being comfortable being in alignment with purpose


This version of Emperor hits different. What I’ve noticed so far:

After waking up I get rapid fire visual snapshots of everything I need to do. However once it’s over I need to immediately start moving and acting on them or the level of motivation/urgency disappears.

Finding ways to be more efficient and effective.

Currently creating a list of 100 things I want to do/experience/learn for 2023. There is an urgency to it and I am aware of or “know” the sweet spot for each goal.

So far they are in the range of uncomfortable but not impossible.

Also looking for ways to fully change my circle. Love my friends but I’m no longer growing so, time to put myself into new situations.

Met with a possible mentor this morning, we just really clicked. He showed me where I was clinging to limiting beliefs and made suggestions to move past some of them. Feel like I was much more coachable/open to the feedback as well. I used to have a chip on my shoulder and recognized for the first time I think that it’s full and proper gone.

Early days still but really enjoying this one. May even run solo for a full cycle.


As someone who also has depression that is great to see.


I did what I thought would be the next week’s worth of (engineering, circuit design today specifically) design work in a single day, including the actual PCB layout, which I’ve always delegated to others in the past.

I am a bit speechless, actually.


Emperor is very potent i recall the previous QV2 version i would sit in the square in the city where i live and girls would make excuses to talk to me. Will test this new version in my next cycle.


It’s been a few days since I started listening to the new version of Emperor. I decided to listen to the sub solo to get an accurate impression.

It is really amazing how much energy and power is in this sub.
Every time I listen to it I get a burst of energy that lasts for a long time. What I have also noticed is that I am much more active in looking for solutions to my problems.
It’s like an inner urge to get things done.

Also the thinking is broadened. It is a kind of consciousness expansion that takes place.
The sub gives drive and boost. At the same time, you feel an inner strength to tackle new challenges. All in all, I like the new version better than the old one so far. There is more power in it.


How many minutes per loop in the earlier version without significant recon, and how many now in the experimental one?


I always listen 15 minutes to the subs. Two loops atm because iam running it solo with the standard recommendation. No recon at all.


My review, running Emperor exp 5 days straight.

I never felt happy on emperor but with this version i am and the quantum limitless part gives me real focus.

On my previous Emperor (custom I was running before i switched to emp exp) I had the desire to be more able to clearly prioritize my todo list and to be more forward thinking. But it didnt really happen, with this version it does. The changes flow in like water through rocks.(also i think in more analogies with this version. Thinking is also more clear.

Most important thing i noticed compared to the previous version is that there is more of immediate Emperor online.

On recon, i played everyday this week(with permission from my own subconscious) as i am in a very high performance job environment and this week was so productive, and I killed it, being more competent everyday!

About the inner power, it is amazing, being assertive, believing in myself, dominance is on point and so natural.

A bit about dieting here compared to wanted. I am comparing it to wanted because it was the only sub to make dieting effortless. This week i had my inner voice(not intuition) tell me to stop eating, but it wasn’t just a thought that told me to stop eating so much. It had the vibe of being above my desires. Not as good as with wanted where i just didnt indulge in binge eating, but much better than on the other versions.

Being more calculating in my work relationships, but also switch to being just fun when it is appropriate on the work floor.

What i am missing from this? I am a big fan of the module the forge, i love it in my customs. Also…again… this version brings more of Emperor online immediately, i wonder how far this can be stretched.

I am thinking about building a custom with this exp version (thinking about costs), might be better to wait for the exp version to move to its final stage.

Now going to take the weekend off, no listening, expecting not much recon.


@SaintSovereign : Any hope for HoM ZP Experimental?

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Tomorrow, will get it out along with Mogul. Then… I rest. :wink:


And Sanguine @SaintSovereign ? :wink: