Cycle #5: [4691 / 2852]


Aaaand, we’re back!

Target Reference: 4691 / 2852

Remember – you do NOT have to run the rvX subliminal to participate. You can use the rvX guided audio session included with Alchemist Core and Remote Viewing X + Astral Projection X.


This was a strange one
At first I saw the pyramids in egypt. Three of them. Then I saw cubes hovering over a city, again three.

Colors: (Pyramids) yellow, blue, brown
(Cubes) red (sky) grey (metal)
sounds: still, howling wind
smell: metal
taste: metal
temperature: cold

  • gigantic, over a city, as big as a city
    tall, wide, has corners, flat, angular, big, high, closed, heavy, thick, outside, wide open, cube, in motion, yet still (hovering very very slowly towards the ground), symmetrical
    Height: hundreds of meters
    weight: massive, tons

You can clearly see I have read Indepence Day a while ago…


So I’ve gotten back into the spirit of doing these again and even though I haven’t done the last few i decided to do this one. I ended up getting a flat ufo type of image surrounded by a dark blue ocean. It was screeching and had sounds that reminded me of the tribes people in Australia. Aboriginal people I believe. Anywho the ufo looked like a mix between metallic blue and grey. And the texture was smooth yet firm. I’ll better organize it tommorow.


@SaintSovereign are you still doing the 50% off for those who participated in this per chance? Really eyeing a lot of yalls new subs to come :sweat_smile:


Have you read my post prior by any chance?


I have not no. Actually which one is it?


Well, it is the only one here, next to yours :smiley:
Above your post, there is my drawing and description