Cycle #4 Conversation



And that’s a good point. How well might it work with the knowledge we have and how we apply it?

I don’t know.

I do know that when people work in harmony with a common objective in mind, something akin to magic and miracles tends to happen.


Looks like I did better than I thought I did. Yay!


You know, I am very tempted to prepare a target myself and see how close everybody (including RVConsultant) gets. Already have one in mind actually…


New target coming today. :wink:


Lol. just yesterday evening I thought “Maybe I should ask Saint if he is going to continue the challenge”


Do you plan on setting up a new target soon or will you delay the contest until the new subs are out?


It’s coming. I’ve been on a sabbatical. Officially ended it last night, catching up with everything.



Okay so back to our regularly intended program…

Please list 3 colors associated with this “target”:


White, green, black, in that order, were the first ones to pop into my head.



Thank you! Great!

Now as another activity, if you were doing this as a RV target, you might get ideas or dimensions that suggest this is a house. But how would you know if this was a person house or a dog house?


At this point of my development, I don’t think I would know to be honest. I suppose at some point I could get the impression that it was small or that I was looking down on it. I doubt I’d get the dog. If I were to get good enough that I can cast a wider view, I may get the impression of objects that put things in perspective, like a tree or the house next to it in this case and draw certain conclusions. Is there another way?

Do you already know Saint’s target at this time? It would be nice if you did the exercise with the rest of us and shared your result at the end of the cycle (ooh, Stellaris reference) when no more submissions are accepted. If we all assume you are a great deal better at it than we are, this way we can all see what’s possible and that may help us believe we can do it too. Belief helps.