Cycle #4 Conversation


New contest schedule. Wednesday to Wednesday. As usual, conversation here.


Sorry, wanted to participate today but I dont think I am gonna make it.
I wrote about in my journal.
Maybe it clears and I can do it. Lets see


I’m mourning here. I couldn’t make it this week. Next cycle.


Funny thing. You give people till Sunday, they’ll post on Sunday. You give 'm till Wednesday, they’ll wait till Wednesday. :slight_smile:

I actually had mine for a few days, but I didn’t want to influence anybody by posting it. Bit on the late side, my phone was charging, and if you knew my phone, you’d understand why I didn’t want to disturb it.

I’m starting to feel like I’m getting worse. :slight_smile:


I want to apologize for not posting and being as active about this testing as the last one. I’ve been working on getting my life improved through EOG. Ima post the meditation I did tommorow as well and I still want to be a part of all future tests still.


@SaintSovereign Can we still submit our results for this cycle?


The submission thread is not locked yet. Go ahead an post. If it counts, it counts. If not, RVConsultant can still analyze it and provide valuable feedback.


First, I want to thank you all for your patience. As I look over the results, I’m wanting to give the best input for you that I can.

Often a photo is shown after the session, and then there is little discussion other than “Now your subconscious knows what this is like”. I want to give more than that, as well as try to understand what other phenomena might be happening.

My assumption is that the data is being received, but then it can get partially misrepresented because people might try to make it something understandable or familiar based on their memories or ideas of the world. (This is usually referred to as AOL.)

Today I began looking at the sessions and think I have better input than I would have a week ago. Please stand by.


I wanted to thank all of you who have been participating in this. It has forced me to re-think a number of things about RV, and I’m working on some ideas that I hope will improve this process.


From an intellectual perspective, I would love if you would share, privately or not, which ideas you were made to re-think.



I’ll post two here. The first is that often a photo is shown at the end of the session and there is little discussion. That protocol I think has been done for decades. Since people can be very critical of their own results, they might start criticizing themselves because what they did is not “perfect”. That is why I’m carefully looking at the photo and results, and asking “What might be happening that is working” and “What else might be happening”. I am hoping this will help reduce self-criticism.

The second I will post is about retrocausation/retroinfluence. In other words, that the future is impacting the past or present. That is why I’m encouraging people re-do their sessions after the photo is posted.


About that second one. I do it, but I end up drawing it from memory and twiddling my tumbs most of the session. What should it be doing to me?



I don’t know if you’ll notice anything in the moment you are doing it, or if you will notice anything after doing it. What I’m thinking is that:

  1. It could be an important habit to get into if the future impacts the past and present, and

  2. the results might show up in the past.

On a bit of a cul-de-sac, thank you for your thoughtful comments and participation! I truly appreciate how much you contemplate and analyze!


I dont exactly understand how the future/past relates to viewing buildings. Could you elaborate on this a little bit more?



I think Russell Targ can explain the concepts of retrocausality much better than me. I would encourage you to read “The Reality of ESP” by Russell Targ, especially pages 8, 9, 123, 146, and 278.

I think Helmut Schmidt (physicist, not the former Chancellor) did research on this concept, too.

It’s more than about viewing buildings. It’s the idea that if you do something in the future, that could influence what you do in the present or the past. This is a direct challenge to assumptions such as “reality is solid” or “the past is fixed” or “I can’t change my past”.

Most people do not think to consider this idea: “If you re-do now what you did in the past, what do you think that act of re-doing it now might do to improve or change your past experience?”


Yes, I made my own experiences with this and thats why I am so curious. You recommended me these books before and Ill check them out for sure, but I just want to understand how you got this idea in the first place. What in our results exactly made you think of this? I know the concept you are talking about, Im just confused how this applies to rv.


In traditional Reiki you learn different symbols when you get to the highest level. On of them is for charging or focus, another for indicating time.

I was never taught how to use that properly until I read a book by somebody that indicated you can use that symbol to indicate that the healing you are doing actually takes place in the past. You could, for example, indicate that the healing started a year ago and will continue until the it is complete.

That concept was so alien to me, until I compared it to sci-fi stories about time travel, where you come to the conclusion that you don’t actually change time, you already did. Even if we somehow changed the past, we don’t know any different than that’s how it went at the time.

Perhaps when we originally did the exercise, we got absolutely nothing, but by redoing them now, the past has been altered and we remember getting something. We don’t actually remember getting nothing anymore.

Wow, temporal science gets confusing fast…


Those were my thoughts aswell.


What I’m saying is beyond RV. It’s potentially a general principle about life and time. How many people do you know who have commented that time is an illusion? Then ask your self how many of those people actually look for or do things to apply that idea of time being an illusion.

@DarkPhilosopher I think had some helpful ideas about this as well, as you saw.

How this specifically applies to RV? The way it would apply to anything. By re-doing a session, it might indirectly or directly impact the result of the past. It might also reinforce the belief that altering the past is possible. It might generalize to other areas of your life so you can change your past for the better. It might reinforce your power in the future to impact your past or even your present.

I clearly see you are wanting to know how this applies to RV. Perhaps I’m not good at explaining this. Perhaps I don’t understand this concept as well as I might think I do. Perhaps I’m not very motivating in my reasoning so people will actually re-do their sessions. And that’s okay. What I’m hoping for is more than simply re-doing a session (which I admit I would appreciate). What I’m hoping for would be something much greater; and that is to approach life as though time really was an illusion so you would have even more power within your own life: past, present, and future.

What I truly hope for others is beyond RV, and that is to have more control over and power within their own lives with these concepts.


Well, yes, from my experience and from what I saw from others I can tell you it is possible and the idea is very real. What I dont know yet is the extent that this works and what actually happens, but you are right it is a very beautiful tool^^