Cycle #4: [ 0623 / 9854 ]


Target reference: [ 0623 / 9854 ]

Remember – you do NOT have to run the rvX subliminal to participate. You can use the rvX guided audio session included with Alchemist Core and Remote Viewing X + Astral Projection X.

Have fun!


Cycle#5? I think I lost one week of my life.



  1. grey, blue, green
  2. nature, peaceful
  3. old, musty
  4. old, musty
  5. sunny and warm
  6. very tall, comparable to the tips of spires
  7. tall, wide, round (basis/floor shape), pointed, circular (basis/floor shape), big, tall, dense, peaking,
    closed, tubular, heavy, thick, outside, wide open, expanding, still, symmetrical, perpendicular, parallel, still
    Height: About 50-100m? Masses: Tons

Later on I saw a golden gate around the areal (bottom)

Edit: Why do my submissions look like the world-domination-plan of a mad man?


I’m out of my coma. Sorry for the delay. The answer is: