ARMSTRONG (Custom Sub) (Final Journal, Transc. Med. 5)


Hey guys,
I am about to order a custom subliminal. But before I do, can you please help me understand the licensing and ordering part?
Do I have to buy the modules and then type them in?
Do I have to buy the modules each time? How does this work exactly?


There you have a complete explanation


Thanks, I completely forgot about this amidst all the new topics


Since you’ve been approved for PayPal, send me a PM of the modules and the build options you want, and I’ll send you an invoice.


But why does it say “STOP! PLEASE READ: Make sure you click the link on the sidebar titled " 2: Build Title ,” fill out the form on that page and add the build options to cart. If you don’t complete this step, your custom title will NOT be built and there will be NO refunds on licenses. This step isn’t necessary if you’re simply licensing modules."

then? Now I am only more confused.


@SaintSovereign Alright, thank you


So, it works like this – you license modules. The cost is 14.99 per module. Once you license a module, it’s yours to use in as many subliminals as you want. You’ll never have to pay for that module again, even if we update it.

Each time you build a sublimminal, however, you have to pay the $99 build fee. You can do that by clicking “2: Build Title,” filling out the form (which includes your name for the name embed), listing which modules you want from the ones you’ve licensed and choosing whether you want it in Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared. After you fill that out, click “Add to Cart.” Then you checkout.


PREVIEW (Copied from P1, just in case someone is new to the plot, mood, setting and character development)

This is going to be my last major journal to document the final part of my journey on this forum.

Five years ago, when my father died, I was a teenager, but already a shadow of a human.
I fell into a very dark abyss I wish upon noone.
My suffering ultimately became so unbearable that I pulled my sword and vowed to find a way out no matter what or who is going to stand in my way.
I owe it to my future self, I said.
And so I started the war of and for my life.
A war that, just like any war, changed my whole being for forever.

It has been about 1 year since I first set foot on this forum.
You already saw so much of my journey. But little compared to all the struggle it took to get to this point.
I will never forget the nights I thought were my last.
I thought I was going insane from almost unbearable suffering.

I shivered in fear.
I screamed in pain.
I cried in despair.

I grew tired of life and the ongoing battles.

When the lockdown began I became conscious of how much I was avoiding this last stand you are going to witness.
I was busy improving my life, earning money and doing all sorts of things pretending to evolve.
But in the end I knew I can’t run away for forever.
The very moment I pulled my sword to face my enemies I did so to finally find love and peace one day.
Yes, my dear friends.
All I ever wanted from life was love.

I never wanted to be the smartest.
I never wanted to be rich.
I never wanted to have power over others.
Deep down, all I wanted is to heal and to meet girls and finally feel accepted and appreciated.
And I knew eventually I’d have to go about this but I always feared this front because it already destroyed my childhood and teenage years once.
With each year passing I became lonelier and lonelier.
Until I didn’t feel it anymore and became numb.

When I did again, Pandora’s box opened and I was overwhelmed by decades of pain and misery.
I didn’t hate just the world, people, my life, my past and myself alone. I hated creation and life itself.
I turned into a heartless, bittered, lonely shell of a man.

My biggest fear is having my heart shot once again.
That’s okay because I learned fear is the shadow of the grand rewards ahead of me.
And I am shaken to the bones.

Maybe you’ll understand what I am talking about, maybe you think I am ridiculous. That’s okay.
But you will understand that I am serious about this. I am facing something that already killed millions of young men of my generation around the globe because they felt inferior and desparate and made millions more suffer indescribable pain.

And now I am ready to fulfill my mission.
My past self suffered so my present and future self could find joy and peace after this last stand.
Let’s finish what he started.

No more excuses.
No more running-away.
Only running forward.

I don’t know who you are but if you ever felt like you were not good enough, this journal is for you.
You will watch me face the hardest challenges of my life.
You will watch me perform tons of miracles because we will need nothing shorter than that.
You will watch a young man leave the last part of his painful past behind him and walk towards the promised future.

This journal is a prayer and a promise for every man with a broken heart.

Get ready.
The end is near.
Welcome to the showdown of my life.



  • NoFap
  • Gain Weight
  • Relieve stress and stress induced illnesses
  • Become a successful salesman (cold calling mostly)
  • Develop the mind- and skillset I need to be confident in social situations, to approach and talk to people and to make people want to be with me

My custom sub consists of:

  • Lion IV
  • Attachment Destroyer
  • Carpe Diem Ascended
  • Total Nonchalance
  • Emperor’s voice
  • Extreme Exercise Motivation
  • Inner Voice
  • Iron Frame
  • Naturalizer
  • Perfect Style & Smell
  • Stop Porn and Masturbation
  • Stress Displacement
  • Submodel Alpha
  • Jupiter
  • Growth Through Pain
  • Deep Sleep
  • Current Invoker

I don’t know when the sub will be finished, but I guess around next week


While we wait for the arrival of my custom sub and while we think about a name for this subliminal, I will take the time to tell you a bit about what this is about.
First things first, I am not going to talk about milestone-goals or next steps, until I have taken them. So I can only tell you what I had in mind when I put this sub together.

My ultimate goal is to become someone who is a natural in social situations and who loves to get to know new people, attract women, etc. You know the rest.

In my job I talk to a lot of strangers over the phone. For now these are only applicants but soon I will also be cold calling potential clients. I chose to do this exactly for the reason of supporting my goal.

Now you might ask “Then why didn’t he choose more seduction-based modules if he is about meeting women?”
I have thought about which modules to stack for days before I was content with what I got. I know that my goal or any goal for that matter is best achieved when it is divided into multiple steps. So you might see this subliminal as the first stage of my own multi-stage subliminal. This is about building a foundation, a practical foundation that is strong, fast and easy. It was very important to me have a very flexible and light subliminal, that’s why you don’t see any cores or too diverse modules.
You will also notice that almost half of the modules are enhancers, which are light, have a benefit of their own and still support all other parts. For example, EGO ADSUM (in theory) supports social aspects, stop porn and masturbation and manifesting all at the same time (I am running Mind’s Eye with this sub in case you didn’t know).
Same goes for the rest of the enhancers.

I didn’t want to spend any more time on contemplation and reconciliation. I wanted something I can take immediate action with and that would grow with me and make it easier and easier for me. I think I will use this subliminal for 2-3 months before going to the next.

I hope this answers any question you guys might have, if not, please feel free to ask!


So, my custom just arrived.
I am going to update this page in a few hours and explain everything in more detail but for now:
I know it may be foolish because I got to go to work in a few hours but I just can’t resist so obviously I am going to try it out right now.


All the best. I look forward to reading more powerful manifestation stories.



ARMSTRONG is a multi-stage custom subliminal designed to take you on the moon and it will guide you all the way from take-off to your first steps on the moon.

ST1: (This custom-subliminal) Groundwork. This stage aims to turn you into a focused, dedicated man who easily thrives in social situations. Your interactions will be charged with powerful sexual energy, energy which you wasted on porn before - now it will become your rocket fuel.
While this stage isn’t designed to turn you into a ladies’ man, it will certainly help you build the groundwork to become one.
Along with that you will also start to take more care of your body, improve your style, gain muscle and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day full of energy.
All these changes will happen in a relatively natural manner and will be guided by an iron frame of resolve, calmness and certainty.

Step on board.
We’re ready for take-off.
Your journey to the moon begins.


Yes, I found this to be a good opportunity to parody the sales texts.
I just had to.

Well, right now I am at loop 4 I guess, I already got mild reconciliation-symptoms and I got a bit tired at work, but only for an hour or so. I guess this was because of Deep Sleep.
The modules I noticed the first are:

  • Deep Sleep
  • EGO ADSUM (A bit, but I noticed it was a bit harder to worry)
  • Emperor’s voice (I expected this)
  • Stress Displacement

Thank you. I see you guys love manifestation stories :smiley:
I got a few more incoming.


Are you stacking Armstrong with something, or you just skipped all Cores?


I’m using it with Mind’s Eye. I am thinking about adding PS:IT, but I’ll have to get accustomed to Armstrong first. So I will decide again in a week.
I left all cores out on purpose to ensure the highest flexibility so I can stack it whatever I want.


How did your voice change?


It got deeper and a bit more voluminous


Here is your story:
I manifested 200 bucks in the form of a relatively easy to realize project

I am sort of addicted to ARMSTRONG. I already had 3 loops today but I feel like I can just go on. I didnt expect it to be this light. I also feel a little urge to listen to more loops. This is relatively bizarre I must say. Now I am going to see how this evolves and if I am going to stack it with something else besides ME and if so what.


Yesterday I had an interesting occasion which lead me to draw out a map with my goals and why I want to achieve them. Now everytime I do something, for example workout, I make myself clear that I am doing this to achieve my ultimate goal

I also somehow regret that I didn’t pick any seduction modules, but this is just reconciliation and shouldn’t be taken seriously