Alchemy of Renaissance - Alchemist Stage 1 + Dragon Reborn Stage 4 + Renaissance Man + Dragon Reborn Ultima (FINISHED)

Phase I Total Exposure : 70 / 100

I’m too emotional and expressive on RM. It makes me feel really good since I’m not damping my emotions (and I could do that but I don’t really want to) but that includes also “negative” ones and it’s not good for relationships. I think it could pair up very well with the Emperor though since it helps you keep your emotions in check. Another thing is I lean towards the idea of not stacking more than two titles due to the processing and integrating time. I need to stack the Alchemist with a social sub and it’s going to be Stark, HoM or PCC. I think Stark but I’m not sure yet.


That is intriguing. @SaintSovereign could RM be contributing to this? Is it reconciliation? What might this be about?

I think I understand your reasoning. However I wondered if perhaps running DR and Alchemist together was good for you. You seemed to be doing well on it.

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Yes, it was a great stack. If it comes to RM, it makes me too emotional and irascible. For whole my life I’ve though I was calm but it was more about suppressing my feelings and now RM seems to have opened the sluice and I’m like a wild torrent of emotions. I think I need to work with the Alchemist for a longer time to dealt with that and improve the stillness of my mind. At least RM has made me realize that or maybe, as you said, it’s a form of recon. Anyway, I have only two slots in my stack and I’ve decided to add Stark to the Alchemist and run the CommanderU if needed. If not, I shall work with RebirthU. Now I’ll be having two days off and then the Alchemist st2 and Stark.

Did you finish DR?

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Yes. I run my new stack last night even though I was planning on taking two days off. I just couldn’t resists seeing StrkQ in action since I’ve had splendid experiences on it. Anyway, if I was told I could run only one sub for my entire life I would go with DR.

The results:

  • It’s cleared out my traumas,
  • brushed away a lot of negativity (the Alchemist Stage 1 helped with that a lot too),
  • reframed a lot of past experiences and relationships,
  • unlocked my social spontaneity,
  • navigated me to my current path,
  • gave me a clear vision of where I want to go,
  • eliminated my negative self-talk,
  • made me immune to a lot of people’s negativity and BS
  • made me way more congruent and at peace with myself and people
  • and motivated me to invest in myself,
  • I’ve changed my eating habits,
  • started practicing yoga and meditation and I lost over 20 pounds,
  • also my attitude towards myself, people and life ha changed a lot for the better.

Probably, there are things I didn’t include in my summary but, oh, well, DR didn’t make me perfect. :wink:


Do you plan on running dr again in the future with the new tech upgrade?

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Fantastic, I love hearing about this awesome progress. May your next stack be even more potent.

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Did you do a summation of stage 4 specificity, I may have missed it?

I would be tempted to run DR for the rest of my life, especially as a precaution against any toxic influences.

I would also say I think it is making other subliminals easier to run.

Some other tools deal with that nicely too like the Emperor or the Alchemist. :slight_smile:

Thank you for mentioning that.

Yes, it was a short summary in here:

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I don’t think there will be any need to do so but I don’t exclude that possibility. On top of that, almost every sub has some healing component. I’ve been running subs for six years and a lot of garbage has been cleared out and I ran DR only to “male sure” if there is anything more to clear out… and there was. I think I shall use DR as a toolbox, so if I needed some healing I would go with Stage 2, if I needed some more congruence and life navigation I would go with Stage 3, if I needed to remove some blockages I would go with Stage 1. I may also use Stage 4 + the Ultima as a refresher in some time. For instance, before running some really heavy subs/stacks like say the Emperor + PCC or Khan.

@Voytek you could also keep running DR U (v2)!

Yes, I could indeed yet RebirthU is aimed at what I need most now, reframing and enhancing the results.

I created a new journal since I’m done with experimenting for some time and I know what I want to run long term.

I haven’t had any flashbacks related to my two major traumas since I finished the Dragon that may indicate that I finally got over them. My relationship with my dad has been healed, at least on my part. Memories related to my dead brother are none but positive. I’m really glad I decided to run the Dragon and I may want to revisit it one day and do it at a proper pace to see how much further it could get me. Great, great sub. Thank you @Fire and @SaintSovereign


Happy for you man!

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Can the creators kindly confirm this ,If polyglot is included in RM or not?

I guess you would have to submit a ticket and ask about that that way.

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